Berry Street Agreement

The Berry Street Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Berry Street Agreement is a landmark settlement that was reached in 2014 between the state of Kentucky and a group of child welfare advocates. This agreement aimed to reform the state`s foster care system and improve the outcomes for children in its care.

The settlement was the result of a lawsuit filed by the advocacy group Children`s Rights, which claimed that the state`s foster care system was in violation of federal law. Specifically, the lawsuit alleged that the system was failing to meet the basic needs of children in its care, including their physical and mental health, education, and safety.

The Berry Street Agreement requires the state to make significant changes to its foster care system, including increasing the number of social workers and support staff, increasing the use of evidence-based practices, and improving oversight and accountability.

One of the key components of the agreement is the creation of a new independent ombudsman office, which will provide an avenue for children and families to report concerns and resolve disputes with the state. This office will also have the authority to investigate complaints and make recommendations for improvements to the system.

In addition to these structural changes, the Berry Street Agreement also includes a number of specific requirements related to the care of children in the system. For example, the state must ensure that every child in its care has a personalized plan that addresses their individual needs and goals. The plan must also include provisions for maintaining family relationships, such as visitation with siblings and parents.

The agreement also requires the state to provide access to necessary services, such as mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and educational support. Children with disabilities or special needs must receive appropriate accommodations and services, and efforts must be made to place children in the least restrictive setting possible.

Since the signing of the Berry Street Agreement, the state of Kentucky has made significant progress in implementing the required changes. Advocates have praised the agreement for its potential to improve the lives of thousands of children in foster care, while also serving as a model for other states.

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